Media Room

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve (animals and habitats) has been the site of television commercials, movies and documentaries. We have also been featured in numerous written publications.

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Selected Credits

A selection of our recent film, photography and print credits:


  • Articles appeared in: Yukon News and Whitehorse Star
  • Film Credits included: Humanina (a documentary about the bond between animals and humans) and CBC North Television


  • Articles appeared in: Up Here Magazine, What's Up Yukon, En Route, Toronto Star, Yukon News and Whitehorse Star
  • Film credits included: Fresh from the Yukon Inc. (a documentary about Frank Mueller), Wonderland Tours Inc. (Japanese television), Wings Over Canada (television), The Sacred Planet (documentary), Angry Planet (documentary) and Fiji TV (Tokyo television)


  • Photo credits included: Photographic Explorer


  • Photography credits included: Wildlife & Nature Photography
  • Film credits included: The Big White (a feature film)