Our Animals

At the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, we have woodland caribou, Canada lynx, Rocky Mountain elk, mountain goats, Alaska Yukon moose, mule deer, muskoxen, wood bison, two varieties of thinhorn sheep (Dall's sheep and stone sheep), red foxes and arctic foxes in habitats suited to each species. Our animals have plentiful space, are well-cared for and healthy. Please admire, but do not touch or feed the animals. 

Among our displayed species, the Yukon Wildlife Preserve is home to dozens of bird species many whom make their home in the marsh habitat, making this facility an important place for birds and bird migration. We are a growing birders paradise with thanks to community based science forming a bird observation database. Check out the Yukon Wildlife Preserve eBird for more than 90 different species of birds observed at the Preserve and join them in recording your observations on your next visit.