The Yukon Wildlife Preserve is a member of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC). We are dedicated to helping injured or orphaned animals recuperate and eventually return to the wild. 

From June 2014 to June 2015 alone the Centre saw 68 individuals 42 were released and 3 remain in our care. The majority of animals admitted for rehabilitation are sick, injured or orphaned due (either directly or indirectly) to humans. 

It is everybody's responsibility to respect and protect our wildlife.

Animal Emergencies

If you have an animal emergency please contact Conservation Officer Services at the Yukon Department of Environment at 1-800-661-0525 or our veterinarian Dr. Maria Hallock at 867-456-7328.  

For information on how to determine if an animal needs your help and more conservation tips please visit

Yukon Electrical Avian Rehabilitation Fund

The Yukon Electrical Avian Rehabilitation Fund is dedicated to supporting the on-going care of resident birds of prey at the Preserve and to support the rehabilitation of birds of prey back into the wild. 

This fund is made possible with the generous founding support of Yukon Electrical and the ATCO Avian Protection Program.

Help us continue our work by donating to the Yukon Electrical Avian Rehabilitation Fund:


Support our Organization

Operating a Wildlife Preserve is no easy task. Donations to our general operating fund are put towards running the Preserve, from caring to animals to enhancing educational programming! Specifying this fund enables us to put your money where it's needed most: