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Happy Holidays from the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. Enjoy stories and gift giving ideas that will warm your heart and keep Yukon's wildlife, wild!

Fall is full of change and it's being embraced in so many ways! Check out how the animals, people and landscapes of the north are celebrating the most colourfall time of the year! 


Summer is here! We're sure of it because the baby animals are arriving, animals are molting and we are so excited to share our collaborations! Check it all out in this edition of the Preserve Post!

The Preserve Post for Spring 2018 is here! Engage and learn about wildlife from the perspectives of the American Bald Eagle Foundation, from a First Nations Elder, and from those behind the celebration of Yukon's trapping history - UnFURled, and more!

Happy Holidays! Enjoy articles from some of our staff, board, and partners. We are forever grateful for our community of YWP supporters!

Be like the season's, embrace change! Fall is such a wonderful season, full of change. The landscape and animals transform and behaviours change of both wild creatures and the human creatures too! Read here for the latest news and stories; notice and embrace the change yourself!

Summer is on! Check out the latest update on babies, and read about the Preserve's partnership with the American Bald Eagle Foundation, as well as some of the negative aspects of wildlife viewing. All that and more!

Enjoy all that Spring offers; projects, events and some words from our partners at WildWise Yukon and American Bald Eagle Foundation.

Season's Greetings from everyone at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, animals and people! Fall is the time to appreciate the beauty of change! Check out whats happening this fall in the lastest Preserve Post! Summer is in full swing and everyone is busy, animals and people. We have 5 new offspring added to the collection, the rehabilitation centre is busy and we want to help you know what to do if you encounter an injured or orphaned individual, plus some events to look forward to. Summer 2016 - join the fun!

There is much to look forward to as Spring approaches - get it all here including nighthawk and animal care stories, extended hours over March Break and our most excellent Easter EGG-stravaganza Scavenger hunt on March 28th all day!

Season's Greetings! Another splendid year thanks you all our friends. Learn a bit about what we have learned when it comes to Yukon Wildlife, meet our new president and learn what you are missing if you miss out on time with nature.

Fall arrived and left already! Take a look at what you might have missed and what to look forward to. In this edition we highlight Nature Camp summer success, share the latest story about amazing vets in animal care, we run for rehabilitation and oh so much more!

Tons to look forward to as Spring Approaches! In this issue learn more about our newest resident, JB the 10 month old moose and her challenging rehabilitation. Get your "Definitely a Fox" fix! The long awaited grand opening of the fox's new home. All this and more in the Preserve Post!

This issue gives you all the warm, good stuff; update on our fox habitat build, an owl-mazing rehabilitation, and lots of photos of our wildlife residents from the Whitehorse Photography Club. Check it out!

What a summer we had at the Preserve! Check out our Fall Newsletter for a reflection on the next generation of wildlife residents, including our Red Fox, and more!

Step back in time with our latest, Summer edition Newsletter. This issue reflects on our 10th Anniversary and looks back over the years.

Spring has sprung! This newsletter is packed with the latest stories going on at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve including some behind-the-scenes photos of the new "Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet" being filmed at the Preserve.

Brrr it's cold out! Warm up with stories of rehabilitation with the Winter Edition of the Preserve Post.

Fall brings an eaglet release, an unexpected kid in town and only a few more weeks until the construction on the Learning Centre is finished. Check it all out here:

Our Spring issue explores some of the Yukon Widlife Preserve's notable accomplishments including CAZA accreditation, an impeccable Health and Safety Inspection, new equipment for the Rehabilitation Centre, and of course, a warm welcoming to the new additions to the Preserve Family.